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Ship Supply

ELHADY MARINE SERVICES CO. serving ships wherever in Egyptian ports and vessel calling Suez Canal transits 24/7 and 365 days.

While serving our valuable customers, we acting as a pioneer to deal with many challenges of operations in constantly developing industry in Egypt. In order to provide better quality with more reasonable prices we’ve been one of the best companies to introduce transit warehouse and helping in great extend to ship supply market. Egyptian ports whether on Mediterranean or Red sea are considered as of the most advantages supply ports internationally also we are seeking to eager the optimizing of our strategic locations on both of Suez Canal and the heart of shipping routes by permanent developing of all of our services which aren’t only shown on ISO 9001-2008 & ISO 22000:2005 certificates but also by the increasing amount of new customers annually.



We offer a wide range of fresh, frozen and dry provisions to meet the expectation of quality for cargo, navy, cruise lines and off-shore industries. We obtains our products from the best reliable sources all over the world. Our awareness of all standards, strict hygiene rules at all levels throughout the supply chain will be implemented at every step. The frozen products are loaded from our conveniently located warehouse cold rooms and delivered directly to vessels with our trucks without breaking the cold chain at all ports and anchorage areas of Egypt.



Fresh & Chilled

Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables
Fresh local meat, poultry, sea food and fishes
Dairy products, cheese and eggs
Pastries, sweets and desserts
All kinds of rice, pasta……….etc



Beef, mutton meat cuts and preserves
Frozen fruits and vegetables
Ice cream, cakes and pastries


Condiments, Sauces & Spices
Rice, Flour, Grains and pulses
Dried fruits and Nuts
Milk and all milky products
Canned meats, fish, fruits and vegetables
Assorted pickles
Oils , Ghee and fats

Asian & Specialties

Indian, Chinese, Filipino, Thai, Japanese, Italian and others, covering a wide range spices, preserves and all kinds of world cuisine.


Drinks & Bonded Stores

All juices & soft drinks
Assortment of chocolates, biscuits, nuts and chip
All kinds of cigarettes