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ELHADY MARINE put on stock and supply various qualities of Cabin, Deck and Engine consumables and spare parts, suitable to the budgets of all operators, managers and owners.

Cabin stores – Linens, Cleaning materials and products, Laundry products, Beddings
Medical Equipment Supplies and Medicines
Bridge, Navigational Equipment and stationery
Galley stores – cleaning materials and products, Utensils & Cutlery, Gastronomy Bar and buffet wares
Deck stores – Lashing equipment, Wire ropes & Hawsers, Anchors, Chains, Piping and Fitting materials
Marine Paints and Chemicals
Safety stores & Anti Piracy ItemsTECHNIV
Electrical stores – Lamps, Cables, Spare parts
Engine stores – Hoses, Couplings, Bearings, Electrical & Hydraulic tools, Steel & Metals, Lubricants & Cleaners, Packing & Jointing, Welding materials and Crew stores
Special spare parts, Electrical motors and Valves
Zinc and Aluminum Sacrificial Anodes