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Suez Canal Transit

ELHADY MARINE SERVICES calculates Suez Canal tolls and accurate proforma D / A to all customers once requesting such services. Taking in consideration whether the vessels can obtain rebates on their voyages and if so we will send a rebate forms to be filled out in order to relay same with Suez Canal Authority.

Passing Suez Canal is vital and has an important impact in saving time and expenses. Early notifications, constant and regular follow up, costs control, perfect and exact planning saves our customers money and time. Our Suez Canal Transit staff in Port Said and Suez branches daily monitoring traffics situations and keeping our clients updated with general transit aspects also to track vessels at anchorages or during transits.

ELHADY MARINE SERVICES EGYPT is your partner to ensure smooth Suez Canal transits for your vessels.


  • First time arrangements and registration with Suez Canal Authority
  • Financial settlements of estimated / actual costs differentials within 24 – 72 hours of canal transit
  • Advising all Pre – arrival information and transit procedures
  • Relaying all required ship’s documentations to Suez Canal Authority
  • Preparations of booking priorities and adjustments in case of any updates, ensuring canal entry and avoiding any delays
  • Complete arrival, entry and canal clearance reports
  • Crew change, cash to master, medical care, supply (Food stuffs – Bunker – Fresh waters – Slops removals – Desludge – Garbage removals – Repairing and maintenance) upon request whether before, during or after Suez Canal transit